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     I'm Taylor Jardine, a mixed media artist and graphic designer based in Fredericton, NB with over a decade of artistic experience. I received a diploma in Graphic Design in 2022, as well as a certificate in Foundation Visual Arts in 2020 with Honours from the New Brunswick College of Craft & Design. I enjoy solving problems, and assisting clients with conveying their strengths and values through cohesive and engaging design. 

     My personal style reflects my love for collage, zines, experimental design, alternative subculture, metamodernism, and the Internet. I enjoy exploring themes such as love, personal identity, and nostalgia. I'm passionate about social issues, and am primarily involved with causes focusing on gender and racial equality, LGBTQ+ liberation, and disability justice.

     I'm passionate about continuous learning, and am always open to new types of projects. If you have further questions, or are interested in working together, please reach out using the form below.

     I have experience with:

  • Graphic Design

  • Social Media Content & Copywriting

  • Merchandise Design

  • Editorial/Print

  • Zines & Independent Publishing

  • Music Design (Album Art, Linear Notes, Merchandise)

  • Non-profit organizations


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